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One day, while searching for just one wafer-theeen multicore wobulator cable, in the very back of Simon's Garage, behind the half consumed tins of creosote and Crunchie bars, the dusty stacks of Adam Strange comics and the ten volume Book of Barsoom, we discovered a hole in the wall. Just a small hole, mind you, about big enough to poke an exploratory golf club into, but like most destinations you can reach from Simon's Garage it lead to a very strange place indeed: a tiny, shiny world far away in space and time; a world where monocular heaven lay far beneath mysterious Zones and Bands of cloud, reachable only by great sacrifice at the hour of Earthrise on the Plain of the Daughter Stone.

It was a world long lost to the foggy reefs of time, and all we could retrieve with some soggy chewing gum stuck to the end of a No. 4 Iron golf club was a book. A book with gossamer covers and pages like dragonfly wings. A tiny shiny book from a tiny shiny world; the story of one day when a million souls made their Sacrifice to the Sky, migrating downwards to The Great Eye, passing through it's transformative monocular gaze and then, as Amorphous Cloudforms, indivisibly continuing their descent to heaven...

The book was also the story of an overly curious cathedral-organ-like Interstellar Investigateur which attempted to follow the lost souls to heaven a billion years after the fact...

We pored over the book as our own great eye crawled across the Burnham sky, sending dusty yellow spokes of sunlight through the dingy window and across the beknobbed and blinking synthesizers. The ancient tome was fascinating but incomplete. Time had taken its toll of the gossamer pages. Some of them remained dead but many had hatched long ago, and flown away. Of the Descent to Heaven (Thru Atmospheric Turbulence) we know little or nothing... Did the Investigateur ever rise again from its lonely descent? Or, as for those long migrated souls, was there no Escape From The Great Eye...?


released June 2, 2014

All tracks by 'im n me. Vox, gits n knobbly boxes by 'im; other knobbly boxes n sundry artistic muckin' about by me.

Tracks 5,6 & 7 are free (to migrate wheresoever they wish...)



all rights reserved


Jim Mortimore UK

I've been writing music since I was very young, having abandoned piano lessons for a Casio VL Tone and two reel2reel tape recorders. I'm inspired by early Tangerine Dream and bleepy radiophonica, such as may be found enhancing 1960s Dr Who. I've written music for BBC Dr Who audio plays and live local performances. Delia Derbyshire, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Jerry Goldsmith are among my muses. ... more

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