Glasst: Works Vol I: Requiem for Universe

by Gregori Glasst; arr: Jim Mortimore, feat. Helen Stirling-Lane

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What can I say about Gregori Glasst? Well. . . since he's no longer with us. . . I can say pretty much anything I damn well like.

Andy Lane introduced me to him in the mid 80s and frankly he was a pain to work with. The problem was simply this: that Gregori inhabited a universe uniquely his own, where everything was perfect, and that included concepts, executions, performances and technology. But once he fell to Earth, he went all artistic on my ass. He got, if memory serves, completely hooked on the notion of "imperfection in perfection." He snuck back into the studio after I was asleep some nights just so he could rub the recording tape thinner and secretly mess with my slavishly calculated sample loop points. He did dubious (and in one case abhorrent) things with magnets and leader tape. Tape hiss, wow and flutter became his new best friends. Clicks and pops were his wonderment and ruses. Me, I just suffered. And suffered. And now I'm chuffin' well suffering all over again. I thought this guy was dead and buried, a victim of his own bleedin' genius, but no - he's back to haunt me again. . . and again. . . and yet again. I hope to high heaven Helen has something nice to say about him, cos the best I can muster is that I'm glad he's a goner and thank heavens the half of his music we can hear with only two ears is not as bad as the half that finally did him in.


released January 2, 1986

Composed by Gregori Glasst. Arranged for Earth Technology by Jim Mortimore. Starring Helen Stirling-Lane.

To enhance your listening pleasure certain frequencies have been deleted from this recording.

Woffle an' scribbles by The Usual Suspect.



all rights reserved


Jim Mortimore UK

I've been writing music since I was very young, having abandoned piano lessons for a Casio VL Tone and two reel2reel tape recorders. I'm inspired by early Tangerine Dream and bleepy radiophonica, such as may be found enhancing 1960s Dr Who. I've written music for BBC Dr Who audio plays and live local performances. Delia Derbyshire, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Jerry Goldsmith are among my muses. ... more

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