Doctor Who - Davros - remastered OST

by Jane Elphinstone

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Remastered OST for the Big Finish - BBC Dr Who audio play Davros, starring Colin Baker.

Review by Doc Oho, Gallifrey Base
Musical Cues: Jane Elphinstone provides the creepiest Big Finish score yet. The trick is to keep it as minimalist as possible and only rise to drama when the story needs it. This is a collection of stings and discordant stabs of music that really gets under your skin. The electronic tingle that plays over the opening scenes is a great example. There is a horrid 80’s jingle over the TAI Corp video…its like Keff McCulloch is back! Some well judged whistle blows chills the spine. The terrifying music as Davros describes his exile grows more and more dramatic, it leaves you gasping. I loved the rising piano score at the climax as well, getting faster and faster… An excellent score.


released February 4, 2013

This score was originally offered to me as part of the editing process. I had in mind a sort of John Carpenter homage (see the unused cues track 08) I tried it out. It didn't work. I wrote some music for the trailer which did work, and later re-used elements during the score. With time pressing down in usual fashion, I asked Jane to do her thang... and she delivered magnificently, working up many short synth and orchestral cues from which the score was assembled, effortlessly evoking eerie landscapes and interiors, while at the same time persuading the Sibelius notator software and the Edirol Orchestral VST to sit up and beg in a way I can only drool jealously over. Other sounds were created with various VSTs, including the FM7, Ganymede, and Exciton, togther with Jane’s trademark flute. The music on this disk is a set of suites assembled from Jane’s source cues. Track 09 was a library piece I had written which seemed to fit nicely as the background music to the corporate promo video which appears in the story. Listening back to the music now is as enjoyable an experience as was assembling the play, which itself is a wonderful character study of two great minds in opposition.

Tracks 4,5,6,8 & 9 are free to download.



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Jim Mortimore UK

I've been writing music since I was very young, having abandoned piano lessons for a Casio VL Tone and two reel2reel tape recorders. I'm inspired by early Tangerine Dream and bleepy radiophonica, such as may be found enhancing 1960s Dr Who. I've written music for BBC Dr Who audio plays and live local performances. Delia Derbyshire, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Jerry Goldsmith are among my muses. ... more

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